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Keep calm and be 20% cooler!If there are any new ponies who come to Equestria, they are going to need to race the one and only Rainbow Dash. The pretty Pegasus is the fastest flying pony (not to mention the one with the prettiest hair) in all of the land, which is why she’s a member of the super elite aerial acrobatic group, The Wonderbolts. Any newbie that thinks their flying skills rival that of Rainbow Dash should race her on the track in the clouds! If your little one has the super-speed of Equestria’s quickest pony, then she’ll love wearing this officially licensed MLP dress. Spunky, girly, and extremely colorful, this Rainbow dash dress features a cute tulle skirt and a set of wings that are sewn to the back. The multi-color band, capped sleeves, and the cute Rainbow Dash image on front will make any My Little Pony fan feel like they’re hanging with the pony pals that they love watching on TV. She can wear this costume dress on Halloween to go trick or treating or she can prance all the way to school to show it off to her BFF’s!


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